Karachi Jamaat
Ashara Mubarak 1446H

Ashara Helpline is completely OFFLINE from now ownwards

Upon collecting your baggage at the airport, proceed to the arrival scanning desk where volunteers will warmly welcome you and assist with registration and transportation to your accommodation.

Remember to contact your host before departure to ensure a smooth transit.

Post-Immigration and Baggage Collection Process:

Meet and Greet: Volunteers will welcome all mumineen.

ITS Arrival Scanning: To be done through the ITS App. Mandatory for each family member. 

Guidance to Exit: Transport to allocated zones will be provided.

Currency exchange: PKR can be exchanged at airport. If possible, exchange some PKR at your transit airport before landing in Karachi. You will need local currency if you plan on taking a taxi to your accommodation.

Important Points:

  • Reception Services: Available from 22nd Zilhijjah Haram.
  • Prior Raza: Raza strictly required before arriving in Karachi for Ashara Mubaraka.
  • Waaz Hours: During Waaz hours no ITS scanning will be conducted at the airport. Instead ITS card scanning will be done at zonal offices.
  • Road Travellers: We regret that no arrival scanning or reception support will be available for those arriving by road. Scanning of ITS cards will be carried out at zonal offices.
  • Customs Issues: Volunteers cannot assist with customs or prohibited items.


Supported Locations:

  • Jinnah International Airport, Karachi
  • Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore
  • Islamabad International Airport, Islamabad
  • Wagha Border, Lahore


For a smooth experience, follow the above guidelines and make the necessary arrangements prior to your arrival.