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Mumineen Travelling From Wagah Border

ضروري هدايات

جھ سككلا مؤمنين Attari/Wagah سي اْؤنار ؛ تھ سككلا ككهني اعتناء سي نيححسس لكهيلي هدايات ثثر عمل كرسس

Wagah/Attari Registration Process

Registration واسطسس اْ مثل سي عمل كرسس

  1. Attari/Wagah سي اْؤنار مؤمنين ثثوتاني travel dates انسس border crossing – date نو slot اْ link ثثر https://ashara.wagha1446.com/#/login بهرسس
  2. جه وقت ثثاكستاني visa اْوي جائي ته بعد دوبارة اْ formنسس edit كري نسس اهنا visa enter number كرسس. ( يه visa details ني نوندهـ ضروري رهسسس.)
  3. Registration form ما تمام information بهروا بعد Print نو option كهلسسس. يه form ني printout لاوو لازم رهسسس. اهنا بغير border ثثر entry نو token اْثثواما نظظيطط اْوسس.

Attari (Amritsar) ثثر انتظامات

خدمة ككذارو – مؤمنين مظظمانو يه جه registration form ما arrival details بهراهسسس يه مطابق Airport انسس Railway station سي Attari border تك transport واسطسس معاونة كرسسس. Railway station سي border نو خرحح اْمثل هسسس

Mode Capacity Charges
Bus 45 seater Rs.6000/ Bus
Tempo 17 seater Rs. 5000/ Tempo
Taxi 6 seater Rs. 2000/ Taxi
Rickshaw 4 seater Rs. 1000/ Rickshaw


Attari (Indian border) سي ٤ كلوميضضر دوري ثثر fresh up تهاوا واسطسس أيك transit camp بناوا ما اْيو ؛. Google map link: https://shorturl.at/hMtI8

اْ camp سي Attari border ثثر جاوا واسطسس registration form نا printout ما جه دن نو slot هسسس يه مطابق token اْثثواما اْوسسس. يه token بغير border ما داخل نظظيطط تهئي سكائي.

اككر كوئي اهنا slot ني تاريخ نا ثثهلسس اْوسسس تو اهنسس Amritsar ما ثثوتانو اُتارو كروانو رهسسس.

Attari ثثر اْ facilities تاريخ ٢٥مي ذي الحجة الحرام ١٤٤٥هـ سي شروع تهاسسس. اهنا ثثهلسس اْوناراؤ – اوثثر نا form ما نوندهـ كري ثثوتاني arrangements سي border cross كري سكسسس.


واهككه باردٌر:

  • Wagah ما government authorities – entry انسس regulations نا مطابق تهاسسس
  • Wagah باردٌر روزانه هفته نا ساتسس دن 2:30p.m – 9:30 a.m لكك } كهلي رهسسس.(Pakistan Standard Time)
  • Wagah سي اْؤنار مؤمنين نسس ثثاكستان سي جاتي وقت وهاطط سي } exit كروو رهسسس.
  • مؤمنين ثثوتانا ساتهـسس currency ما فقطUnited States Dollar (USD) راكهسس
  • Border ثثر chargable coolie/trolley ني سهولة مهيأ ؛
  • مؤمنين Passport، stamped visa انسس photos ني 3 copies ثثوتانا ساتهـسس راكهسس


واهككه باردٌر سي كراححي نو سفر :

  • Wagah border سي مظظمانو نسس Wagah transit camp لكك coasters ما لئي جاواما اْوسسس.
  • اْ transit camp سي كراححي ثثهنححوا واسطسس خدمة ككذارو سككلا ني مدد كرسسس
  • جه مؤمنين لاهور سي كراححي By Air يا By Train ني Tickets ثثهلسس سي كراوي ليدي ؛، يه سككلا departure time سي كم از كم 6 كلاك ثثظظلسس باردٌر Cross كري لسس تاكه يه سككلا نسس airport/train station ثثظظنححوا ما تأخير نه تهائي لاهور .سي كراححي جاوا نو Duration, Mode of travel انسس Cost اْ مثل ؛:


Mode of travel Duration Cost
By Air 2 Hrs 110 – 170 USD
By Train 22 – 26 Hrs Sleeper Class
15 – 25 USD
AC 3 Tier
30 – 50 USD
By Bus
stops 4
Rohri ,Multan) (Moro, Hyderabad
21 HRS 40 – 50 USD
Note: All costs are subject to change as per availability
  •  واهككه باردٌر سي train station يا airport لكك shuttle نا ذريعة سي ثثظظنححاوا ما اْؤسسس (4 USD per person)
  • جه city ني visa issue تهئي ؛ اهنا سوى كوئي بهي بيجا city ما راتسس stay كري سكسسس نظظيطط. (Lahore ما راتسس روكي سكاسسس نظظيطط)
  • كئي بهي queryهوئي تو اهنا واسطسس نيححسس address ثثر email كري سكسس ؛: [email protected]

Essential Instructions

Those mumineen travelling via Amritsar/Lahore are requested to follow these instructions carefully:

Wagah/Attari Registration Process:

To register, please follow these steps:

  1. Those mumineen travelling by Wagah/Attari are to fill in their travel dates and border crossing date slot in the following link https://ashara.wagha1446.com/#/login
  2. Once you receive your Pakistani visa, edit this form and enter the visa number. (It is essential to fill in visa details properly).
  3. After you have filled in the form, your registration form will give you an option to print. It is compulsory to bring the printout of the form. Without the printed form, you will not be granted a token for entry at the border.


Arrangements at the Attari (Amritsar):

Khidmat Guzaars will arrange transport from the railway station and airport for those who have filled out the registration form. The expense from the railway station to the border is:

Mode Capacity Charges
Bus 45-seater Rs.6000/ Bus
Tempo 17-seater Rs. 5000/ Tempo
Taxi 6-seater Rs. 2000/ Taxi
Rickshaw 4-seater Rs. 1000/ Rickshaw


A transit camp to freshen up has been set up four km from Attari (Indian border). Google map link: https://shorturl.at/hMtI8

Tokens will be given to go from the camp to the Attari border as per the dates filled in the printed registration form. It will not be possible to enter the border without this token.

If someone arrives before the date of their slot they will have to arrange for their accommodation at Amritsar.

These facilities will commence from Monday 25th Zil Hajj 1445H. Mumineen travelling before this date must fill the above form and make their own necessary border crossing arrangements.


Wagah Border:

  • Entry at the Wagah border will be allowed as per the regulations of the government authorities.
  • The Wagah border is open daily from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm Pakistan Standard Time, including weekends.
  • Those who enter Pakistan via the Wagah/Attari border will also have to exit from this border.
  • Mumineen must keep only USD currency with them.
  • There is a facility for a paid porter and trolley while crossing the border.
  • Mumineen must carry three copies of their passport, stamped visas and photos.


From Wagah to Karachi:

  • From the Wagah border, all guests will be taken to the Wagah transit camp in coasters.
  • Khidmat Guzaars will guide mumineen in reaching from the Wagah transit camp to Karachi.
  • Those who have advance-booked tickets from Lahore to Karachi by air or train must cross the border atleast 6 hours before their departure so they are not delayed in reaching their plane or train. The modes of transport, duration and expense for travel from Lahore to Karachi are mentioned below:


Mode of travel Duration Cost
By Air 2 Hrs 110 – 170 USD
By Train 22 – 26 Hrs Sleeper Class:
15 – 25 USD
AC 3 Tier:
30 – 50 USD
By Bus
4 stops: (Multan, Rohri, Moro, Hyderabad)
21 HRS 40 – 50 USD
Note: All costs are subject to change as per availability


  • Mumineen will be taken from the Wagah border to the train station or airport via a shuttle service (Shuttle fare: 4 USD per person)
  • Mumineen must only stay the night in the city for which they have received a visa. (You will not be able to stay the night in Lahore)
  • For any queries please email on the following email address: [email protected]