Karachi Jamaat
Ashara Mubarak 1446H

Ashara Helpline is completely OFFLINE from now ownwards

Helpline Timings: till

Important Announcements

Join Hizb-e-Saifee Whatsapp Group For Ashara Updates

مؤمنين نسس WhatsApp نا ذريعة سي العشرة المباركة 1446هـ كراححي نا متعلق تمام critical انسس اهم معلومات ملي سكسس ته واسطسس ITS نا ميقات نا module ثثرحزب سيفي نا ككروثث ما شامل تهاوا ني link ثثر click كروو، (جه phone ثثر WhatsApp استعمال كرنار هوؤ) حزب سيفي نا ككروثث coordinator ـــ ميقات متعلق هر امر ما مدد كروا ني كوشش كرسسس، ان شاء الله تع.
In order to receive critical and important information regarding Ashara Mubaraka 1446H Karachi, please join the Hizbe Saifee group from your ITS Miqaat module. Your Hizb e Saifee group coordinator will assist you in all Miqaat related matters Insha’Allah. Please click the Hizb e Saifee link from the phone on which your WhatsApp is installed.

Every mumin should update picture and complete data drive on ITS52.com

Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS Inshallah Karachi Ashara Mubarak Aqd farmawe em apna sagla ni qawi ummeed che. Every mumin should update picture and complete data drive on ITS52.com

All Transfer-In / Transfer-Out to be completed no later than 09th June 2024. Once transfers are locked no further changes will be possible.

Note: Raza/Pass for Waaz Talaqqi and Niaz Jaman will be locked on the Jamaat you have been registered. Hence please check your jamaat and do necessary changes if needed.