Karachi Jamaat
Ashara Mubarak 1446H

Ashara Helpline is completely OFFLINE from now ownwards

Al Mohallatul Mohammediyah Zone – Al Mohallatul Mohammediyah – Haidery Market


Block F North Nazimabad Town, Karachi

Google Maps: https://t.ly/zdsZp


راحة بلاك
راحة بلاك حكيمي مسجد ما ؛ , خدمة ككذار ني team اْثث نسس وهاطط guide كرسسس.

Rahat Block

The Rahat Block will be situated at Hakimi Masjid, and our Khidmat Guzaar team will be available to guide you towards it.


نياز نو جمن حكيمي مسجد ما تهاسسس.


Niyaz jaman will be served within the Hakimi Masjid itself.


Parking Management

  • Parking for cars and bikes is inside Alfalah ground.
  • Buses for Central Masjid Zone will park from Haidery Post Office to Tayyebi Garden (Saifee Road).



Direction from Al Mohallatul Mohammadiyah to Taheri Masjid (Central Zone) – 9.9KM Approx.